Lost in Translation, 2017–ongoing

The body of work Lost in Translation explores the notion of communication and how language barrier can transform one’s personal identity. Constantly struggling and overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers, he is submerged and lost in the gap between two distinct cultures and languages, where he feels conflicted and disassociated. Through the process of translation, he strives to decode and give definition to his true origin and voice.


Stalemate, 2016–ongoing

The Korean War, also known as The Forgotten War, never resonated with the American public in the way that World War II did. The war lasted three years, one month and two days and ended in an unsatisfactory stalemate on July 12, 1953, at 10:12 am. No peace treaty was signed and the war resolved nothing. Although a cease-fire agreement was signed, the political tension remains high as a heavily militarized “demilitarized zone” (DMZ) divides the nation in half. The War resulted in a Stalemate. Through reproduction of archive images by collecting, appropriating, collaging, and manipulating, he suggests media censorship and implies the passage of time.


Alter Ego, 2016

Opposites attract because the person usually brings something to the relationship that the other one needs or lacks. It's essentially about complimenting each other's needs and fulfilling the gaps. The gaps that were once void are now abundantly filled with the opposite’s characteristics. Through this continual cycle of completing the void, a new form of identity — his Alter Ego — has developed and surfaced to become a whole.